Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Home is Here

All the recent travel has given me a new-found appreciation for home. I'd always liked this house: it's filled with things we want, and it's comfortable for me in a way nowhere else can be.

But I hadn't appreciated, so much, the area we live in, our colony. I had cribbed about being on the outskirts of town, about living in a gaon with bad traffic and no good restaurants.

It's partly being away and partly the weather, which is much less sunny and hot than it was before our trip.

I appreciate living in a nice gated colony but just a few hundred meters from a main road, and with well-built (though narrow in parts) roads leading up to it.

I like how our colony looks: mostly cream with some green and yellow. Looks lovely on a cloudy afternoon.
There's no jogging track and the garden is quite small, but we can (and often do!) walk on the driveway late at night, when most people are inside. It's shaped like a triangle, and has slight slopes at two ends, and makes for a lovely walk, especially when it's nice and breezy like it was last night.

We're on the top floor, so it's HOT in the summer. But when the weather's cool and breezy, keep the windows open and feel the breeze.

There's a view from every room. And the view from the balcony is lovely. A few minutes in the balcony before sunset helps to calm me down and get back to work refreshed.

View from balcony
View from our balcony, captured by the Guy
But best of all are the long monsoon days, sitting by the window and reading or working, or standing in the balcony watching it rain and having the spray touch my face.

View from the same place last evening, also taken by the Guy
And it just rained here yesterday, and looks like the monsoons have arrived. I hope the weather is lovely where you are.

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