Saturday, April 07, 2012

My House

Since I haven't shown you around my house since before we moved in, here are more views of my house. 

Yes, I can embroider! No, I don't much, because it tires my eyes and my eyes get plenty tired from reading anyway.

A reproduction of Van Gogh's irises, by a friend's mom.

We got this print from Ajanta.

The most comfortable chair in our house. Except when it's hot, because it's leather.

I lived on this couch the months I was happily unemployed. Unfortunately, it's now the worse for wear. Notice the painting above it.

This is where we eat, when we're not too lazy.

Pigeons in our balcony. 

View from our balcony on a monsoon evening.


Scribby said...

the last pic is simply superb!

Anonymous said...

you did that first frame..Gosh you sure are good...

like Scribby says loved that last photo..and oh oh the photo of the sofa..its so comfy looking :)

Unmana said...

Scribby: Thank you! I'm longing for the clouds to come back this year.

R's Mom: B-) Maybe I'll share more photos of my work, then. I made two more last year, for friends.

And that sofa is comfy! Or was, till it began to sink in...

Joveta said...

wow..the last picture is like a painting..

nice the ajanta painting picture..