Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mid-Week Reads... and Views: Disney Movie Posters and Other Fun Movie/Literary Stuff

Love these "honest Disney movie" posters. Especially Beauty and the Beast (but then that and Aladin are the only ones I've watched). Here are a few more, though arguably less funny.

If you didn't like Judi Dench before, here's another reason: she uses her free time on set to work on her embroidery... of swear words.

Loved this compilation of beloved literary kids and their deadbeat or absent dads, though I've only read four of these books.

Why aren't you doing what really makes you happy? This is shaming me for my procrastination, the times I play games on the iPad or read a novel because I'm too lazy (or think I'm too tired) to work.

I found this silly story strangely intriguing and funny: My Boss's Wife Asked Me to Spy on Him.

Um, sorry. That's all I have today. Have you been reading anything fun?

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