Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mid-Week Reads: What Do You Want to Read?

I have been really tired lately and kept forgetting to save interesting stuff I read, so this is a short edition.

If you like this series, do drop a comment to tell me what kind of content you like most, out of these topics:
  1. Career
  2. Marketing and social media
  3. Gender issues
  4. Life tips (sleeping better, improving relationships etc.)
  5. Inspirational stories
  6. Humor
 Now on to it.

Little girls are not worse at sports than little boys.

Your iPad is lying to you.

Read this beautiful, haunting poem about the poet's experiences as a trans woman.

A user's guide to free speech in India.

I didn't hate Snow White and The Huntsman (though it was an uneven film and boring in parts), but this review lays out all that made me uncomfortable about the movie (and some more that I didn't think about).


Chatty Wren said...

Just discovered your mid-week reads posts and I'm pretty much hooked! You cover a lot of diverse stuff! Interesting music, maybe?

Unmana said...

Wren: Thank you, but I don't listen to enough music to be able to do that!

~G said...

Humour and inspirational stories. Gender issues are fine too but there is already overdose of it on the blogworld. But humor- a big yes.

Unknown said...

I'm a regular and lurker, and I come here primarily to read about gender issues.
- John

Unmana said...

G: Cool. If you haven't seen I'd urge you to check it out.

John: Thanks for delurking, and I'm very glad to hear that.