Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mid-Week Reads: Fiction!

I'm glad no one noticed I missed this last week! I considered skipping this week too, but instead here's a short edition.

If you read Gone with the Wind, you have to read these texts from Scarlett O' Hara.

I loved this excerpt from When the Time is Right (by Buddhadeva Bose, newly translated by Arunava Sinha). The book went up on my Flipkart wishlist on the strength of that chapter. The next chapter is here.

These celebrities don't own a TV. I'm only surprised this is news (especially when some of those celebrities admit to watching movies on their computers or projectors). I don't have a TV and enough of my friends don't so that I don't think it's weird (and while I still spend some weekend evenings whining "I'm bored!" like I did when I was a little girl, on the whole I'm pretty happy with this).

Here are some of Cosmo's most ridiculous sex tips. You're welcome.


R's Mom said...

Thanks for giving the option...hopefully you wont get any spam *Crosses fingers*

I think I must be the only one in the world who thinks that Gone with the Wind is slightly over rated...*Dont ban me from your blog*

I read the book the first time when I was in class 10, didnt get too much of it..then I thought I will read again when I was in college...I found some parts of it pretty depressing :(

Unmana said...

R's Mom: I am getting extra spam, I'm afraid. I'm going to let it stay for a while though. I don't want to turn on comment moderation either (though I have it on for older posts, again because I got a lot of spam).

Anyway. It's okay if you don't like Gone with the Wind. I LOVED it when I first read it (right after class 10, I think!) but I suspect I won't like it as much again. It's also pretty racist!