Monday, June 18, 2012

How To Not Do Email Marketing: A Primer

Step 1: Use an email service provider (a few popular ones are Constant Contact, Aweber, ExactTarget, iContact, RatePoint, and there are probably hundreds of others, for all budgets). Don't just send the email out from your mailbox--it makes you look cheap and tells me you're not serious about your marketing.

Step 2: Build a list the hard way, by asking for subscribers and by providing good reasons for people to subscribe. Don't spam people who don't know you and never asked for your emails.

Step 3: If you do spam people, do some research first. Don't send a "Daddy's Day" email to a blogger who has frequently written about her father's death. It's not likely to endear you to her.

Step 4: Target your messaging. Don't use baby-talk when you're talking to adults. It's "Father's Day", not "Daddy's Day." Plenty of people don't call their male parents "daddy," especially if they are over ten years old.

Step 5: Edit for spelling and grammatical errors. Saying stuff like "Daddy Day" and "the super heroes" makes you begin to look like an incompetent primary-schooler. And the inconsistent capitalization makes you look ditzy on top of that. Do you think anyone except the parents and parents' friends would like to buy anything from a ditzy not-too-smart primary-schooler?

Step 6: Be clear with your call to action. Do you want me to buy your "Gift products", to feature you on my "Blog" or to "kindly suggest"? I would take the last option and kindly suggest you , but I'm not feeling sufficiently altruistic. 

Step 7: Do NOT send attachments. 

Actually, if you are an incompetent marketer, do all of the above. It will make it much more likely that you get blocked, and that will be convenient for the rest of us.

Marketing Email: What not to do

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