Friday, August 05, 2011

The Monsoons in Pune

One way to write a post every day for the month would be to tell you about something in my life that I’m glad of—but no, that would be lazy and I won’t do that. Not every day.

But one thing I’m thankful for lately is the weather. My loathing of hot weather is well-documented, so right now is when I’m happiest in Pune: it’s cool and breezy and often drizzles. There’s a heavier rain too, at times, but this season at least, it’s never lasted very long.

This morning, the sun was out and it was almost warm. I stood out on the balcony and thought, “it doesn’t look like it will rain anytime soon.” I went in to shower and get dressed for office and came back out to the balcony to hang out my towel. It was drizzling. By the time I gathered my bag, the rain was pouring down.

I went down and drove the car out of the basement, and by the time I was out of the gate, the rain had stopped completely. I have just a five-minute drive, and as I was halfway through it, it was drizzling again. 

I love this beautiful, rapidly-changing better. I would have loved it less (far less!) if I had to go all the way across town as I did not so long ago. But now whether I’m coming to office or working from home and taking a cup of chai out to the balcony for a break, this weather seems like it’s my friend.
What’s the weather like right now where you are?


R's Mom said...

In Mumbai..its raining..bah! I am the only one in the whole blogosphere who hates the rains I think :)

Unmana said...

I'd probably hate the rains too if I lived in Bombay. Come to Pune and see! :)

Anonymous said...

The weather out here is almost similar to Pune and its an understatement to say that I'm just loving it. The sun has come out today after a long time. :( Again, like you've said, my work place is a fifteen minute drive from my place and so, I'm liking the rains! May be, I would like it, otherwise too! BTW, I live in Hyderabad!
Am a long time reader of yours delurking now. I really liked 'The voices in my head' series and now, I don't forget to read through most of your mid-week reads. Keep them coming, please! :)

mad hatter said...

im in pune too. from where my work desk is, i can see the hills on the katraj side. today i can't, they're misted over :)

Anonymous said...

Me too love the Pune weather :) No better place to be !!!
and hey I too live at a 5 mins distance from the office... guess we are around :))

Delurking after a long time.. Loved the 'Voices in my Head' series !!!

Unmana said...

pangsofsenselessness: Ah, Hyderabad. It treated me to one day of pouring rain and one day of blissfully beautiful weather when I was there last year. Thanks for delurking!

mad hatter: Ooh, that's lovely. I see some hills from my house too, though I don't know what they are.

nehasinha: Yes, Pune is great, except during the summer. But even then it's probably better than other cities. Glad you decided to delurk.

Pallavi Sharma said...

This morning, P1 finished a meeting and was about to leave for work, but it started raining. So he asked me drop him off (I never let go of a chance like that!), so we both changed and by the time we got into the car it had turned into a drizzle. 3 kms from our place it was completely dry. By the time we reached his office, the sun was beating down on us. I went to a friend's cafe for breakfast, and when I got back into the car, it had turned into a sauna!

But yeah, for some reason, I liked this year's monsoon. It's been more pleasant than it's been in a long time. It also might feel that way because I'm at home and do not have to commute to work, or be stuck in air-conditioned rooms without being able to breathe in the fresh outside air.

Manasee said...

Pune monsoons are the best! That is one of the things I miss most, being away from Pune for the past few years. Love driving into Katraj ghat, or Mulshi...or Sinhagad on a wet rainy day, having cutting chai and kanda-bhaji at a 'tapri' and just breathing in the wonderful smelling air!! Yumm!