Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hello, There

Anyone still here? No? I know, why should you be? I haven't been giving you much lately. So you've all gone away and my blog is like a schoolyard after the bell for class has rung, quiet and lonely.

So how about this? I'll write you a post every day. For the rest of the month. Every single day.

Some of them will be sorry-excuses-of-posts, like this one. Some will be just a picture, maybe. Some days I'll find something I've written long ago and put that up. Some days I'll link to stuff I've written elsewhere or stuff other people have. But maybe some days I'll have something substantial to say. Maybe if I make myself talk to you everyday I'll find out I have something to say after all.

So, will you listen?

What? I'll start tomorrow.


Deborah said...

I'm listening.

R's Mom said...

no no...I follow your blog every Wednesday :) or whenever you post...blogger gives problems while commenting..and thats why no comments :) you will write EVERYDAY *Looks like the kid who has been offered jalebi by his mom in that dad*

Unmana said...

Deborah: Thank you. That ups the pressure!

R's Mom: You're my most faithful commenter these days. And don't get me started on blogger. I keep threatening to move to WordPress but I'm too lazy to get the custom domain all set up and everything.

Pallavi Sharma said...

Hey... I check your blog almost everyday even if I don't comment. :P

Gayatri said...

- Hey! Am here :)
- Never missed any of your blogs gal :D
- You better keep that promise of "daily blogs" :b
- Why I don't comment?...Lazy!:D

mad hatter said...

i listen too :)

- sup

Unmana said...

Thank you all very much for indulging me! You guys are awesome.