Monday, January 03, 2011

Best Posts on This Blog

... or so I think. 

This blog has a somewhat different audience from a couple of years ago--or even from last year. So I thought I'd dig out some of my old posts that might interest you. I've even grouped them by category, that's how much I love you. 


If you've been following the Voices in My Head, you might also like these short stories.


Gender Issues

Books and Movies

How I felt about these pieces of culture (pop or otherwise):

More About Me

So there. Check these out, and I hope you discover something you like!


Anonymous said...

Read ALL of them dear and LOVED them all :)
Only wish that in 2011, you do some more blogging (other than Voices in my head)
Happy New Year to you and the Guy :)

Unmana said...

ALL of them? Thank you!

Yes, I do want to blog more... next post coming up soon!

Happy New Year!