Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Relationship with Money - IV

I always liked this quote that I remember reading in the Reader’s Digest – I don’t remember who it’s by: “Money is like sex. You think of nothing else if you don’t have it and think nothing of it when you do”, or something like that.

When the Guy and I suddenly found ourselves with two incomes to depend on instead of one, we felt much more rich and spent much more freely, though fundamentally not much had changed. We didn’t go overboard and collect a lot of debt (our frugal upbringing told there) but we didn’t bother saving much. After all, we would both be earning for a long time. Our incomes would only rise, or at worst remain the same.

But now things are looking bleak again, with the economy not at its best and with both of us working in the same industry. And we are digging to uncover all our frugal values, and have decided to live with them for a while.

We have gone through a period of spending. It feels great to be able to walk into a store and look at things, try on things knowing I can afford them – only may not want to buy if they are not good enough for me.

For now money means something other than good food and great clothes and going out: it means peace of mind, and that is what we are setting out to achieve. 

Here are parts I, II, and III.


Anonymous said...

Hey, there's a tag waiting for you. :)

dipali said...

Loved the entire series, Unmana.

Praveen VS said...

wonder full to read this series...
You and the Guy really inspire me in the way u guys understand each other....

Unmana said...

Threedrinksahead: you know, I tried doing it, but searching for that combination of words only yields this blog, and the IHM telling me I need driving practice!

Dipali: Thank you! I loved putting my thoughts down.

Praveen: May you find an understanding partner too.