Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Have you been waiting long?
No, under ten minutes. What will you have?
Just coffee, thanks. I was at lunch when you called.
Oh, sorry I called you away.
It’s okay, but you alarmed me. What is it?
Well, you see… I’ve got a job offer.
Really? Is it good?
It’s better than good… It’s great.
Wow! Wonderful! Where is it? What is it? When do you join?
How much will they pay?
Oh, the salary is huge. The job is great too,
Just what I wanted.
It’s in New Zealand.

New Zealand?
Have you accepted?

Yes. I’d be dumb not to.
What do I have holding me here, anyway?

Yes. That’s true.
When do you go?
In two weeks.
Two weeks.
But this is great. Congratulations!

Thanks. I wanted to tell you first.
Thank you. I’m very happy for you.
I’m sure you’ll do well.
Well, I hope so.
I think I should get back now.
Won’t you finish your coffee?
No, it’s making me sick.
And I have work waiting for me.

OK. Thanks for coming.
Maybe we’ll meet for dinner before I leave?

Yes. If you get the time.
I’m sure you’ll be busy
saying goodbye to friends and relatives;
preparing for your departure.
True. I’ll call you.
All the best.
I’m very happy for you.


Lekhni said...

Nice. Of course my mind works in the usual Bollywood cliche, so I am thinking that at least one of them is serious about the other. Or they both could be...but waiting for the other to show their cards..

Unmana said...

Thanks. That is actually the effect I intended.

chandu said...

nice. we like it

Deborah said...

Very nice. I read it three times, caught initially by the 'New Zealand' = my home! - but then the story piqued in interest, and on the third reason, I could hear all the pauses you somehow incorporated into the dialogue using just the words they were speaking. Marvellous.

Unmana said...

Thanks, Chandu!

Deborah, thanks a lot. Lovely to get that from someone who's writing I admire. And it's wonderful that you could feel the pauses... I was hoping that I wouldn't have to produce that effect through punctuation.

Pallavi Sharma said...

Oh, thank God! I was searching for words to express what this dialogue made me feel. Deborah said it.

Usha said...

How we hide our sentiments until it is all too late. Why is it too tough for us to shed our pride at least in matters of love?
Enjoyed it immensely.