Sunday, November 16, 2008

Banno's Lilkee

Banno very kindly sent me a DVD of Lilkee. This is not an unbiased review, because I was fully prepared to like it before I'd seen it.

And I did.

What had first made me want to watch the movie was
this lovely song, written by Banno herself. And I still like it so much that I sing it to myself and the Guy once in a while.

The movie was lovely. It felt real and unpretentious. Everyone acted well, and the story was touching. I found it a little slow, but that might very well have been because I knew the story already - plus, of course, it's a children's film.

The only bone I have to pick was that everyone was so nice in the movie and the problem seemed to sort itself out miraculously, with no details given. Yet in the world we live in, it's nice sometimes to catch a glimpse of pure sunshine.

For the entire story of the movie,
go here.


Banno said...

Hey, didn't see this until now. Yes, you are certainly biased. Glad you liked the song. As for the sunny bit, it was quite deliberate on my part. Just wanted to say nice people, nice gestures are possible. Can't we make them? But I know it makes the film TOO sweet. :) Thanks for the review.

Pallavi Sharma said...

@Banno: Well, I think we do need to learn to deal with nicety. It almost comes as a surprise these days :) In case you haven't, get hold of Curious Lives, by Richard Bach. I think you'll like it.

dipali said...

Oh, I loved the film!

Unmana said...

Banno: Are there any other movies you made that we should know about?

And yeah, I understood that the film was meant to be sunny. I suppose, for a children's movie, that's a good idea. Did I say I really liked it? :-)

Pallu: Hey, I can lend you the DVD if you like.

Dipali: Oh, you've seen it too? :-)

Pallavi Sharma said...

Unmana, I'll surely ask you for it, once I'm out of the messy days at work.