Sunday, November 16, 2008

On Quantum of Solace

I watched the new Bond movie, and liked it. I haven't watched many Bond movies, and it's not something that's high on my list, given the apparent sexism and mindless violence. But this one had a Bond who was not really Bond. He had only one sexual escapade in the whole movie, makes no move on the heroine, and actually betrays emotion. The Bond girl is a strong, capable woman who is as focused on her goal as Bond himself is. And whose only physical overture towards Bond is an almost-chaste kiss at the end. Let me point you to this review, as I agree with it and can't write as well myself.

By the way, there are so many posts today because what with not being able to blog from work and long power cuts every morning, I haven't been getting much time online. So I had written a couple of posts that I finally posted today.


Praveen VS said...

Correctly said that "this one had a Bond who was not really Bond"
Actually he has not yet become the was the sequal for Casino Royal and only in the next movie he will become the real Bond and then you can see all the things that we expect from Bond ..especially hitting on girls :)

Unmana said...

Then I should steer clear of the next one!