Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On Marriage

We're having a very interesting discussion over at Ultra Violet, taking off on my first post there. I put in my views on marriage - rather my disillusion with it as an institution, in spite of my complete satisfaction with my own version of it - and Falstaff, in particular, has some interesting things to say in reply. (I'm tickled pink, as I've been a fan of his blog for some time.)

Do read.


Aneela Z said...

oh Im reading it and LOVING it.
It is very 'familiar'...and good to realise as Daffyd puts it so eloquently in Little Britain 'Im the only gay in the village'...somehow I have to forever correct people who assume that as I married out of caste/community and into love that I will be pretty gungho on marriage, I am not..I think it was the 'state' (travel for instance...most govts dont acknowledge a defacto, grr) that drives one more to taking the step..and yes family 'then you will be happy'...they dare not say 'settled' considering I was majorly disrupting everyone's lives..I would say its the desire to solidy a friendship that says it is best...I dont think it is a recent thing about finding marriages 'unnatural'...it was always there, people just hid it better or came up with their own arrangements. Now we are just telling.

Aneela Z said...

correction the first line that Im NOT the only 'gay in the village'..there are others tearing at the reins.

Unmana said...

Thank you. I'm sure you're right: there has always been dissatisfaction, we can just express it more openly now.

I hate the word 'settled' too! When anyone says that, I say I'm not settled! I have a lot to do, a lot to see! That word seems to imply you've dug in roots and will continue to grow upwards!