Saturday, September 06, 2008

Happy Teachers' Day

To my mom, who read me fairy tales and told me stories.

To my dad, who awakened my curiosity and taught me to ask 'why'.

To MT sir, who said you should never blindly trust anyone: not your teacher, not your books.

To SP sir, who awakened magic in poetry and revealed the drama in plays.

To the Guy, who always challenges and questions me, forcing me to keep my wits sharpened.


Indian Home Maker said...

Hey this is so sweet:) And I totally forgot to wish anyone! Let me call my mom and wish HER at least..belated, but heart felt wishes from someone who is still learning from her :)

Max Babi said...

Hi Umana,
Came here via your posting at Caferati Pune google-group. Two things struck me as weird, the post on Rock On! is ten kilometres long, whilst the much more meaty topic of Teachers is finished off as if it were half a cup of warm soup... why? I wish you wouldn't have lolled from one extremity to another like a sleepy pendulum...
Will read and comment more, unless you shoo me off.