Thursday, May 22, 2008

To the Guy - III

All through the night, I could reach out and touch you
easily. And often did.
We started the day together,
cuddling. As we often do.
We prepared breakfast side-by-side in our small kitchen
And ate together too.

We had the entire morning with each other
Till you dropped me off at work.
And that was just a few hours ago.
Why then do I miss you already?
Why am I sorry that dinner-time is so long away?
Is it because I have been with you too much, too long?
Or too little?


SeeTina said...

nice, simple , honest...

SeeTina said...

nice, simple, honest ...

prajyot said...

well..very nice written content..keep it up...

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Pallavi Sharma said...

So sweet!

I pulled mine into the company that I joined after we shifted to Pune. It was only 5 months of separation before that happened. You know what I'm hinting at, right ;-)

Unmana said...

MYB and Prajyot: thanks.
Pallu: thanks, but no thanks. I think a bit of separation is good. :-)

Pallavi Sharma said...

Heheh, I know, I yearn for that sometimes.
But I think it's convenient when commuting :)
That little distance does wonders in bringing people closer. But it's not so in our case. We're like kids who squabble over every possible thing, but can't stay away from each other either.