Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What's in My Bag?

Who wants to know? Chandni, for one.

The bag itself is a smart and sexy Jane Shilton (that I had qualms buying, as it's leather, but the non-leather bags weren't nice at all!).

List of contents:
  • My mobile phone (a cheap Nokia in red and grey)
  • A handkerchief
  • A paper tissue
  • A tube of Himalaya lip balm
  • Some photocopies with details of my last month's salary at my previous employer's (that I need to fill up a form that I've been putting off filling up)
  • A blue bandana that I've had for three years
  • My wallet, which contains money, three debit cards, a couple of passport size photographs of me and the Guy (for practical reasons, not romantic ones), my PAN card and driving license, and stray lists
  • A lavender-coloured comb that I've had for I-don't-know-how-many-years
  • One pack of Lotus sunscreen
  • One pack of Fresh Ones wet tissues
  • One vial of perfume called Blue Lady, a gift from a friend of the Guy
  • One bottle of Bath & Body Works wild honeysuckle body lotion, that the Guy had brought back from his travels last year (and that I've used sparingly to make it last longer - as you can tell)
  • A business card from my first full-time job, three years ago (no idea why)
  • A sanitary napkin
  • My set of house keys

And that's it! Not a lot, is there?

I suspect the point of the exercise is to guess about my personality from the contents of my handbag (actually, I suspect it has no point, but let's pretend otherwise), so make your way to the comments box!

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