Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holiday in Goa

I am back from my holiday that seemed much too short. We spent nearly four days at this small beach village that was as quiet and beautiful as we could have wished.

I walked on a beach that seemed to have no end, on soft warm sand and inviting waters.

I saw seashells form pretty patterns on the ground, and was too lazy to bend down and pick one up.

Even the hot sun, the afternoon sun that I flee from, seemed friendly as it winked at me from a bed of wet sand.

Palms outlined the beach that had just enough people on it for comfort, and nowhere enough to make a crowd.

And when we were too lazy to go to the beach, we cooled ourselves in the pool.

As evening came and the pool emptied of people, we lazed by it, reading and talking for hours.

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Mukta Raut said...

How lovely! I love sea shells! :-)