Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I was happy last week.
This week, nothing has changed.
But everything seems dim, dark, distant.
A demon has cast its shadow over me again.

I sleep, but get no rest.
I awake, but get no solace.
I see scratches on my face.
Is the demon inside me?

Turning me against myself,
Against all I hold dear?
That will be defeat indeed
If I lose what I love.

Even the warm embrace of the Guy
Seems cut off from me
As if I am trapped

in a glass cage.

How do I fight what I cannot see?
I suspect the demon must have
sprung up from my own life:
so I must go back into my past to fight it.

Into all those dreary, distant days
that I would rather leave behind.
Where do I get the time (I have work, you see)
and effort (weakened as I am already)?

But I am going on holiday.
Surely no demon would follow me
To the blue sea and white sands
I shall be at peace there.

But what if it is waiting for me
When I return?
Will the fresh memory of wet sand
Help me fight?


anumita said...

Have a great holiday! It'll all settle down. By the way, where are you off to?

Iya said...

hey...came here through Masood's page...and cant help but write this that you have echoed what exactally i have been going through for past couple of weeks...
i too am off on a holiday tomorrow with the hope that i'll come back feeling better...

nevermind said...

It usually does. Breaks bring perspective. Sometimes:)

Unmana said...

Chandu, Anumita: Thanks!

Iya: I've heard a lot about you from Masood. Thanks for visiting, and I hope the holiday does make it better.

nevermind: The holiday was great, but things remain the same, don't they? At least I got a nice break...