Monday, November 06, 2006

Romantic Guys?

Some guys will notice your dress and appearance and never fail to compliment.
Others don’t notice if you’re wearing eyeliner because they’re looking into your eyes.

Some guys will surprise you with a candlelit dinner and a lavish gift on your birthday – but will not remember how you like your coffee.
Others will give you a modest bouquet on your birthday but will wash the dishes after dinner.

Some guys will offer to pay for all your dates but will be unfailingly late showing up.
Others will graciously accept your offer to share, willingly lend you money when you need it, and call when they can’t make it on time.

Some guys will get jealous when you talk to an attractive man at work.
Others will laugh with you when you tell them you find that new guy in office attractive, but dumb.

Some guys will cook a lavish lunch for you once a month – and leave a princely mess in the kitchen.
Others will sit by you while you cook and help you clear up.

Some guys will tell you each day that they love you.
Others will show it by picking up all the things you drop so that your backache doesn’t get worse, by laughing and kissing you on the forehead when you’ve misplaced something of his worth 2000 bucks, by sitting by your bed on an uncomfortable chair and holding your hand all night when cramps keep you from sleeping.
And some guys do both.


Anonymous said...

I exactly know what you are talking about. But my question is do they exist really?

Unmana said...

Oh, yes, believe me - I found one!

Anonymous said...

LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Masood said...

you always keep raising the bar!!

Love this entry :)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Unmana said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

your words express ur love, ur compatibility and ur talents....
god bless both of u