Friday, November 24, 2006

Things I Want to Do...

but haven't been able to find time for:
  1. Cook something new: With my mom- and sis-in-law visiting, I have hardly done any cooking lately. While I am enjoying this 'sitting back and watching with the Guy enjoying Momma's cooking' phase, I miss the pleasure of cooking for us.
  2. Go out and do something new: I'd like to go sight-seeing, visit some historical site, climb some hill, go to some museum - basically do something we haven't done together before.
  3. Go for walks: I don't think we've walked any distance since our vacation last month.
  4. Go for a long leisurely dinner out.
  5. Go shopping - without feeling too tired to try something on or having to rush because we have to go on to the next thing.
  6. Get a haircut: This one's been pending for weeks.
  7. Read: We bought some books on Monday and I haven't had time to read even the jackets! Plus there are a few old ones I've been wanting to reread. Not to speak of all the management and economics books I have been telling myself I should read...
  8. Go for a really long bike ride.
  9. Invite friends over for dinner.
  10. Have a quiet homecooked dinner at home, complete with candles and flowers on the table.

Guess I have to wait some more time... Life's really busy at present.

(And yeah, you guessed right - the Guy reads this space.)

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