Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm Back!

Nearly four weeks have gone by since I got married. The days went by in a whirl - celebrating, meeting relatives, travelling - and now we are back in our home. On the surface, not much has changed. We go to work together every morning as usual, and I take a rickshaw home in the evening if the Guy's going to be late. But something is different - something that cannot be defined by the fact that I can now wear a red mark on my forehead when it suits me or wear a saree to work if I feel like it. With the dust settled down, I feel not any different from what I was a month ago - celebrations, sindoor, jewellery notwithstanding. But those few words I spoke at the registrar's office made me legally bound to the Guy whom I now call my husband. And while nothing has changed between us, in the eyes of the world we now stand together.


Unmana said...

Thanks. Great to be back - almost feels like nothing has changed!

Amit said...

masood is right! have read any of your writing and am impressed.