Monday, June 05, 2006

Weekend Update

Another lazy, quiet weekend. But this time, there were a number of small achievements.

Have made my way through most of 'Atlas Shrugged'. Very disappointing, after the mindblowing 'Fountainhead' - but I can't let it go, and so I want to put it through quickly. It disturbs me, though - while I don't agree with Ayn Rand's idea of hell, the idea of selfish (my definition of 'selfish', not Rand's) stupid people leading a country to ruin seems all too well played out in India right now.

With the Guy's active encouragement and help, I made pakoras yesterday. Quite a success, for an initial venture.

AND we used the new washing machine - after growing tired of the company guy to come around and deciding to take back control of our life!

We also went for a nice walk and had a quiet dinner - and then a ride with the breeze cooling our faces. Lovely!

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Unmana said...

Too late for that, but... how did it go?