Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Monsoon Shower

Sitting at my desk, looking out of the huge unopenable windows at the rain flowing down outside. The world outside is a blur, viewed through innumerable layers of falling raindrops. The sky is an opaque, slightly luminous, uneven white.

It was sunny when I left home, just a couple of hours ago, and I decided against bringing a raincoat. The streets will be awash with muddy water, jammed with honking vehicles, and I am sure to get splashed on my newly-washed clothes on my way home. So the sight of the rain beating down should depress me. Strangely, it doesn't.

The shower beats down upon the walls and the windowns and invades the quiet of the office. I can hear, as from a far distance, the peal of thunder. Nature's display of her power seems glorious. It fills me with a strange zest for life. Buoyed up by my small act of creation, I will go back to work with enthusiasm.

Happy Monsoons!


Satyakam said...

Hey.. I too dint like all the songs.. But some of them were very good.. Even if the songs were not that good, the quality of music in every songs is marvellous. Would Himesh come anywhere close to Zubeen's music? I doubt so..

Satyakam said...

You are a Zubeen fan na?
Unmona.. One of Zubeen's hits..
I never thought I wud ever come accross a girl named Unmona..
Dhuniya naam dei..
What r u doin and where..
Seems u have taken writing as a profession..