Wednesday, June 28, 2006


We all dream dreams when we are young.
But somewhere on the path of growing up, the dreams seem to get lost
or lie untouched in the attic, gathering a layer of dust.
We face real life. And think it has no room for dreams.
Only cynicism.
And yet, whenever I have let go of a dream,
and tried to tell myself to be happy with what I have,
I have found myself unhappy, unfulfilled.
Because even if a dream never comes true, holding on to it gives you hope.

We think that life is not perfect - which is true.
and we think that justifies giving up on our dreams, and settling for what we have.

Settling for being unsatisfied, unhappy.
Settling for less than what we want.
and being less than what we are.
but it is only when you have a dream
that you have something to look forward to,
you have something to improve, something to realise.
You may never have something perfect,
but with each step, you are closer.

Keep dreaming.

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Satyakam said...

Very nice poem.. felt every word of it..