Saturday, September 04, 2021

Anyone still here?

It's been too long, I know. How have you been doing, my loves?

I had a couple of really tough years but am okay now. If you have specific questions, ask me in the comments, but for now here's a few highlights.

We have a lovely home.

Nilesh has become an artist.

I also like painting and sketching a bit, with far less skill and work.

I had an essay featured in the book Skin Stories published by Point of View in late 2019. (If you want the book, you'll have to email PoV.) Here's Nilesh standing next to me holding the book at the launch.

We live near the sea.

I host a weekly poetry reading room on Clubhouse. (Even if you've never used Clubhouse before, it's easy, the link will take you there.)

Okay, now your turn. What had you been up to?

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