Thursday, October 30, 2014

Long Personal Post (with Pictures!)

Wow, it's been long since I posted, hasn't it.

I swear I had started writing a post telling you about what I have been doing, but I can't find it. Not in my drafts, not in my folder for blog posts... not in my phone writing app. (It should be in my phone writing app.)

Anyway. Where do I start?

The Vacation
In September, the Guy and I finally went on our much-awaited vacation in the mountains. We stayed with friends who have the most amazing house (and of course, are the most wonderful people), and had the most relaxing time.

I mean, just look at this.

So we had this amazing vacation, and came back and in the next week, we had a few holidays (the 2 to 6 October long weekend). I had hoped to use the weekend to do more fun stuff in the city -- walk around, go to a couple of art galleries. Some low key celebration of our EIGHTH. WEDDING. ANNIVERSARY. (Sorry for the all caps. It's just so difficult to believe it's been that long.

And then. The Guy's sister decided to visit (with her husband and child), and they hadn't visited us yet, so we agreed. But we didn't get the quiet time and romantic anniversary celebration I had hoped for. They were just visiting for a couple of days, so I thought I'd still get a couple of days to rest and celebrate.

And then we decided to move. It was something we had idly considered, but thought would be too expensive. We weren't happy in that flat though. It didn't seem like home. And then I heard this flat in the same building, on a higher floor, was empty and we went up to see it. It was evening and as the door opened we got a view of the city through the glass doors to the balcony. And the moon was rising over it, nearly full and luminous.

What could we say to that but yes? And it's been three weeks since we moved in, and I haven't seen the moon like that again (barely seen it through the window at all.) Hmph.

But I still have this.

And then on our anniversary day, Monday, which we had both taken off, the Guy had to unexpectedly go to work because of a contract being signed - which is great, but hey, it was our anniversary! And then I fell ill that same day, more ill than I had been in a while, enough to have to take most of the rest of the week off work too.
And then... the Guy found out later that week that he had to go to the US for a week for work. That very weekend. When we were supposed to move.

But because he's such a darling (and I was barely weak enough to stand up) he stayed through the weekend, and took care of all the moving and some of the unpacking before he left.
So for a week I was alone in a new house. It's nicer than the old place, but also less nice in some ways -- it's sunnier and hotter and the noise of the trains from the nearby tracks is louder.

Anyway. The Guy got back soon before Diwali, though he was still jet lagged and we were both too tired from unpacking and housework to do much celebrating.

And now you're all caught up! What have you been doing?

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