Monday, November 03, 2014

The Albatross

 Something I had written nine years ago, and the person who I had written it for recently reminded me of. I don't quite remember what I was feeling when I wrote this.

You are not a mighty ship
Crossing the ocean with disdain
You are but a small boat
Braving the storm and the waves

I am not your anchor
I cannot be your sail
I am only an albatross flying along
To give you company for part of the way.

But my destination is different
My wings give me flight
And I shall leave you
In search of my prize.

I just hope, with all my heart
That before I leave you to yourself and your fate,
I shall see you regain your direction
And sail on towards the sun.

So I can go on my way
With a heart unweighed by guilt.
And think of you, if ever I think,
With pride, with joy.

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