Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mid-Week Reads: The Counter-intuitive Advice Edition

Maybe the reason I'm not creative enough is that I have too much brain power.
People’s ability to think about information in new and unusual ways can actually be hampered when they wield too much brain power. What Dr. Jennifer Wiley and her team have found is that one way to get around this is to have a couple of drinks.
 So next time your boss tells you to "think outside the box", say, "let me go get the vodka."

Also, stop with the setting goals. It's holding you back.

I know, I know, I said I wouldn't blog this week, but I loved these articles and had to share them.

And here are two from me: my review of "Because I Am A Girl" on Women's Web. Short version: I loved the first story by Anjum Hassan and quite liked the one by Meenakshi Reddy.  There was another I kind of liked, by Namrita Bachchan.The rest either failed to move me or actively repelled me with their cloying sweetness or their condescending attitude towards the girls or women who are supposed to be the focus of the stories.

On the Search Engine People blog, I talk about how bad content is ruining SEO. Uh, what? Never mind, if you're not into marketing, don't bother clicking on the link.

Have a great week: my vacation looks kind of canceled, but I do have plans for a stay-cation. I'm celebrating a birthday this weekend!

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