Monday, September 10, 2012

Videos of Kaziranga

Remember my visit to Kaziranga a year and a half ago? I found some videos, and remembered I had meant to upload them on YouTube. So here you go, the YouTube channel for Unmana's Words.

And if you're too lazy to hop over, here are the videos. All courtesy of the Guy.

The first one is just a panaromic view of Kaziranga while we're on an elephant. The elephant's moving, so the video is shaky. It's misty, but you can see vast green spaces, rhinos in the distance, and hear birds.

We're still on the elephant, but there's a rhino and her cub close by. They're walking away from the rude intruders who stare at them and take pictures. 

Now we're standing on a watchtower, enjoying the breeze and looking out at the vast open spaces on all sides of us. That's me in the white jacket, and I'm talking to my mother while the Guy shoots the video.

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