Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mid-Week Reads: Uninvested in Being Beautiful

Since most blogs and websites seem to have slowed down for the holidays, I just have two links for you this week. But they are worth the read.

I used the title of the post in my post title: this writer explains beautifully why no one should have to be beautiful. If you feel beautiful, good for you. If not, no problem. It should make no difference to your worth as a person.

This article in the New Yorker asks why people love Stieg Larsson's novels. For my part, I thought they were vastly overrated and not nearly as feminist as they're made out to be. But hey, I won't judge you if you like them: they're hardly Dan Brown. 

And since, judging by the lack of comments, y'all are on vacation or busy partying, I'm going to stay off till next week too. Have a great New Year weekend, whether you party like a college student (or so I hear: I was an unattractively good kid) or go to bed at 9.


Anonymous said...

Glad you posted this...I thought you wouldnt because of the year end :)

Have a great new year weekend yourself and thanks for the links :)

PS - I sincerely read every link that you post here...I always look forward to Wednesdays ka mid week read...just dont comment very often :)

R's Mom

Unmana said...

R's Mom: Thank you, for the wishes, and for reading and commenting. My heart, she is warmed.

Anonymous said...

I have recently been reading so much about how free we would be if how we 'looked' didn't matter. Will read this link too.

And let me also wish a very Happy 2012 to you Unmana.