Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mid-Week Reads

Good morning! I don't have as much this week because I've been busier than usual lately. Apart from work, yesterday was the Guy's birthday. (Yes, we had fun, thank you.) Besides, it seems like there's been so much bad news lately. Do any of you know of Indian organizations that are raising funds for Japan? I thought of donating to the American Red Cross but didn't want to subtract conversion charges from the little money I can afford.

Okay, here we go. First, work and business.

I loved this article on Copyblogger on idealism and business, and I could so identify with people telling the author that she's too idealistic for her own good.

Google is surprised to discover that good managers have managerial skills.

For online marketers like me, here are some copywriting and SEO skills.

This is a great list of career guides for creative people. I'm planning to buy this one for the Guy while he's home figuring out what to do next.

On gender issues. 

A woman's story of why she shouldn't have left her finances to her husband. I confess: I'm guilty of this myself. I'm extremely lazy about keeping track of finances and the Guy does mostly everything. That's something I need to change. Managing your money is an essential life skill and not something that someone else, either a parent or a spouse, should do for you.

Over at Women's Web, they have a Feminspiration theme on for Women's Day (that was earlier this month). I linked to Chandni's post two weeks ago. I haven't got around to writing one myself, but you have till tonight, if you want to.

And that's it! Hang on, you, it's only two more days till Friday.


R's Mom said...

Happy bday to Guy :) Well actually happy belated bday..its RD's bday today :) I look forward for your midweek reads..thanks so much...its total fun, gyan and entertainment rolled in one

starry eyed said...

Wow...'pink-collar' work...such a telling phrase, that was an eye-opener I was looking for, so thanks for the presently struggling with learning financial management...have made the same mistake :(

Unmana said...

R's Mom: Happy birthday to RD! And thanks, that's exactly what I try to do with these. I often find my motivation flagging by the middle of the week and thought most of us could do with some inspiration and sometimes, just reminders.

Starry eyed: Yes, I cringe at that phrase, but it does serve a purpose. Best of luck: I'm sure you'll get there soon. I need to try harder, too.

Haritha said...

You can donate to red cross without being charged for conversion.

Unmana said...

Haritha: Are you sure there are no conversion charges? It doesn't say so on the page, and the only currencies are yen and dollar.