Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tired of Being Your Friend

I'm tired of being the one who listens.
I'm tired of being the one who calls.
The one who ends silences.
The one who breaks down walls.

The one who never shows anger.
The one who never asks.
And the one who will remember
But wear a smiling mask.

Old friends are better than new.
They know you without needing to ask.
But I wish that sometimes you
would, even if you know, still ask.

I'm tired of the distances.
Of having to work at keeping it alive.
Excuse me my absences:
I may - or may not - be back in a while.


Anonymous said...

So true,
It is hard to make and maintain relationships when the there are distances emotional or physical and the need to make them work is one sided.
Take care.

Deborah said...

Oh! Thinking of you...

starry eyed said...

Rings several bells. Good one.

Unmana said...

Desh: Exactly. Thanks for visiting.

Deborah: Thanks, I'm okay. This was written some time ago.

Starry: Thank you.

Buls said...

Woww... something I have also been feeling lately.

Anonymous said...

It's the hardest thing being a friend to someone who takes it for granted. You feel sad when the fatigue creeps up on you, and you realize you just don't want to keep working at it any more.

Anonymous said...

It's tough to maintain relationships where one is making all the efforts, while the other, though keen does nothing :(
But sometimes the one who appears to do nothing might care as much...or even more. Some people are laid back about everything.

Sumedha said...

I love this. This poem says a lot of things that I've been thinking recently.

Long distance friendships, especially, are too much for one person to maintain on their own, aren't they? And many times, people do care, they just... forget? Which promptly puts all the responsibility on you. Even while living in the same house, this can happen. And it hurts everytime. :(

Unmana said...

Bul: :)

Batul: Exactly. Also, I've always felt that if someone isn't showing interest, it's probably over. As IHM says though, that might not be true. The point is, is it worth it?

IHM: True, I think that might happen quite often. Two people have different expectations of the same relationship. There needs to be some balance, though: some indication that it's good enough to pursue. I was never a fan of unrequited love, romantic or otherwise.

Unmana said...

Sumedha: Exactly. I just feel, if you don't care enough to remember, you probably don't care enough.

Priya Mani said...

So well written. Loved it.

Unmana said...

Priya: Thank you - nice of you to comment on this oldish post.