Friday, June 11, 2010

Pictures of My City

Cities are concrete, dust and confined spaces. They are crowds, noise and haste. 

Yet I manage sometimes to find little pieces of quiet, of beauty. Let me share some with you. 

One day, the cab carrying me to work stopped within an army cantonment area. I looked out of the window to see this lane leading away, and was much tempted to follow.

Taken from the same cab, at the same time. 

And this, a view from the opposite window. 

A couple of kilometres before my office, right in the so-called "IT city", this laden bullock cart trudged along. I wish I had captured a better picture. 

Most weekday mornings, I stand here to catch my bus. The tree above is one that shelters me from the sun, while I stand and stare at passing strangers and at the flowers on the opposite side of the street. 

And because I love gulmohars, here is one. They remind me of Assam, of the rows of flaming trees on either side of the highway, of a large tree that I passed on my way to school each morning. We call them krishnasura. 

Here's another, lending color to the drab surroundings. 


dipali said...

Lovely! I'm glad you have all this beauty to feast your eyes upon. And thanks for sharing it.

Unmana said...

Thank you. Now that the rains are here, everything seems even more beautiful. But doesn't photograph as well.

Anonymous said...

Pune does fare better after a nice clean shower :D

I took some snaps too, but they came out rotten.That's because I suck at photography :(
Your snaps are by far much better :)

Unmana said...

momofrs: I am fascinated by photography, but don't think I'm very good at it. These pictures pretty much took themselves.

Do you live in Pune too?

Anonymous said...

Gulmohar is one of my favorite trees too. Pune has beautiful, purple, 'jacaranda' trees also...

'Krishnasura' is an interesting name!!

Unmana said...

IHM: Oh yes, those are lovely too. I hadn't known what they are called, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Unmana,
Sorry for the delayed reply.
Yup, I'm from Pune (as in, married to a Pune-ite). In fact, I've met up with two other Pune bloggers, SimplyPallu and Gunjaaish. Through SimplyPallu I came to know that you are in Pune too :) .

By the way, I like your style of writing. Its very 'crisp',very fresh :) and your long absenses are rather disheartening :(
Do post more often .