Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Day Is Successful If It Has Any of:

  • a little joy
  • some peace
  • some rest
  • a lesson learned
  • an achievement
So tell me, what did your day have?


Rohini said...

got some joy and lot of rest today...:) so i know it is a successful day...

D said...

The days which teach us a lesson don't always seem successful. On the contrary, they are days full of disappointments.

My day? I think it had some of every one of those things.

Praveen VS said...

I had Joy, learnt few things, a small achaivement and I always have peace...only thing that I missed today is some rest which I will have it in the night :)

Unmana said...

Rohini: I sometimes think I would like some rest more than all the rest, so I can face another day!

D: They don't seem so, but it makes you feel better to think they are, doesn't it? And hey, you seem to have had a great day!

Praveen: Good night!

I got up late - so that's a little rest, I completed something at work - so that's something achieved, I had a nice dinner and a lovely drive with the Guy just a while ago, so that's joy!

Unknown said...

joyful day.

You have a nice blog here.