Friday, October 13, 2006

Going Home!

The Guy and I leave for Guwahati in some minutes. Thinking of Assam - my beautiful homeland - always leaves me with feelings of serenity and longing. Always, when I used to travel to the state on vacations, I had this exhilirating feeling of coming home.

But 'home' for me now isn't in that lovely land of my childhood, but in this cosmopolitan town that I live in, the nest that we have built for ourselves. I am terribly excited about going, but it I am less overcome by waves of nostalgia than eager to show the Guy the places and people I have spent so many moments with.

This is my first visit after my sister's wedding: now I am married myself and am going to my parents' home with my husband. It feels wonderful, exciting, and a bit surreal, like I have wandered into a novel.

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