Thursday, May 21, 2015

So what happened is...

Hello, people. Did anyone miss me?

I was busy with work and travel and I sprained my ankle and I couldn't keep up the daily posts, so thought I'd take a total break from posting for a while. I'm back now, but won't be back to a daily schedule.

But I wrote my story of spraining my ankle to a friend and she liked what I wrote so I thought you might like it too.

So, I sprained my ankle while I was in Delhi. It's a funny story -- my colleague She and I were rushing from a lunch meeting to an agency's office, where I was going to train them. We were late and had to park on the opposite side of the street, so She had this bright idea of climbing over the divider (you can guess how this ends). It's a massive divider too, with iron railings on both sides and big plants -- trees, even, planted in the middle. I say no at first but she's already climbing over, so I'm like, what the hell? I climb over the railing and take a step right into the depression where a big plant is. And I twist my ankle.

For a minute, I'm just standing there, trying to bear the pain and wondering if I can walk on. Then I have to sit down right there on the ground -- thankfully parts of it is grassy but I was in too much pain to care. She begins to freak out because I am shaking. I tell her not to call our agency colleagues because I'm too embarrassed. Then I tell her I'm feeling faint.

Next thing I know, one of our agency colleagues is there, with -- thankfully - cold water, and he says someone has gone to get ice. I hadn't heard She call him -- because I had passed out, which was when she freaked out and called him. I passed out perfectly politely though, still sitting up on the grass.

Anyway, they helped me up and I got to the meeting -- had to lean on these people to walk, but I got there. They got me lots of ice and I put my foot up on the chair and let She start with the meeting because I was still feeling faint. (Also, I really needed to pee, but I could not have got up again so I sat there for the next three hours).

And then I took over and conducted the training. I think everyone forgot how bad a state I was in because I finally had to cut them short -- one lovely young woman kept talking to me about some work and it was 6.15 and my cab was waiting and I said, I'm leaving now.

And next day the Guy came over because I still couldn't walk and he took me to the hospital and when we flew back I had to use a wheelchair at the airport.

Adventures -- they're overrated.

The other thing that happened while I was in Delhi was that all my friends had planned to be away for just that week. One of my best friends, whom I was really looking forward to meeting, was in New York on work. Vroom was in Thailand, and returning that weekend. Another friend was in Guwahati, also returning the day I injured my ankle. And yet another friend who lives quite near my agency meeting venue left for Europe that day. Someone else was traveling elsewhere on work.

I hadn't known I had so many friends in Delhi (or at all); and I couldn't get to meet any of them. This trip was ill-fated! (I did enjoy a nice dinner with my boss though. Mehrauli has lovely places!) (I need to go back soon and spend some time having fun!)

The other other thing is since then, a colleague who sits near me at work has also sprained her ankle. A team member who works most closely with me has had a hairline fracture in her arm. Whatever I got, it's catching!

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