Wednesday, May 07, 2014

I Like Myself Better in Bombay

I tweeted this, and it's true. I feel like a different person here. I do things. I go out every weekday and most weekends (instead of staying in my flat for weeks at a time like I've done in Pune). I am more stressed out and busy, but I am happier. I just wish I had friends - and I miss house parties!

I've done so many new things in the last few months. An incomplete list:
  • The Guy and I went to see my colleague perform at the Blue Frog one night -- and she dedicated a song to us!
  • I went to a red light area all by myself.
  • I went to a movie by myself (well, it was at the CFSI building and not a regular theater, but still). (It was Banno's movie, you all. And it won the National Award for Best Children's Film! Go see it if you can -- it was amazing.)
  • I went to a concert all by myself (a string quartet and not a rock concert, but still).
  • I joined a library after around 20 years, and got my first book. (Of course it helps that they deliver and I don't have to drag my lazy ass anywhere.)
What fun things have you been doing lately? (Also, any of you in Bombay and want to meet up?)

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