Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Guy's Food Blog and Other News

Sorry for neglecting you all so long. The last few weeks have been busy and full of happenings. Among other things, I conducted my first webinar and was very nervous about it, but it went off quite smoothly. I had my first spa visit -- sponsored by the spa, courtesy of this blog, so thank you all! I'll post a review soon. We also had a nice Diwali day, brightened by visits from friends and candlesticks gifted by other friends.

In other news, the Guy just started a food blog. I'm sending you there to encourage him so he keeps posting! I've been keeping a dairy-free, wheat-free diet for the last year and found it made a lot of difference to my health. I haven't fallen sick enough to need to visit a doctor for a whole year (which is unprecedented for me -- I don't think that's ever happened before). I have more energy and I'm more cheerful.

But cooking gluten-free, lactose-free food for every meal, every snack is a challenge. I miss many, many things. Pizza probably the most. Also samosa and anything wheat-flour-batter-fried. Paratha and roti and bread. Using ghee or butter in food. Wheat noodles (which precludes most instant noodles). We buy special, expensive pasta (made from rice or corn) and noodles and cake mixes. I have given up my love of kadak chai and switched to black and green tea and black coffee.

Anyway. When I first suspected I might be intolerant to lactose and gluten, I didn't think I could live without either of these. But it's been much easier than I expected, partly because avoiding these foods keeps me healthy so I'm less tempted to eat something I shouldn't, and also because the Guy has been wonderful in cooking new interesting dishes that I can eat when I'm tired of the same old boring dal-rice.

Which is why I'm so glad he's decided to start this blog. Go check it out!

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