Monday, October 07, 2013

What I Miss About Having a Job

I wrote this for the Markitty team blog, but thought you might like it, so I'm reblogging it here. (Besides, no one reads that blog -- not even my team, and I think about two people still read this one.)

The mundane
This will sound silly, and it surprised me when I first realized it, but I miss mundane, mindless data entry kind of work. Copying a list into a different format, or manually sorting through an Excel file… that kind of task was anathema to me, or so I thought. Now I miss what seems like the therapeutic mindlessness of it on days when I’d rather not make decisions.
The weekends
Having the weekend open for fun and rest seems like an unattainable luxury now.
The boss
Making my own decisions is liberating but it can also be downright scary. Once in a while, I wish I had a boss who would cushion me from all the decisions tumbling down the top. Especially as my last boss was really sweet and never threw her weight around.
The gossip
I’m introverted enough that I bagged myself a work-from-home deal even when I had a job. But in a perverse way, I miss the gossip and the petty drama. At least it was something to laugh about. Now I have to watch a show for entertainment.
The commute
I only used to go to office once or twice a month… But it was probably good for me to get out by myself. Maybe I should make some friends who don’t also work in Markitty and who would like to see me once a month?
The meetings
I’m not joking: I love meetings. There are horrible meetings, I know, but those happen because they’re organized by incompetent people. I love the energy of the kind of meeting where everyone’s debating ideas. We have that kind of meeting in Markitty often, but since it’s just the three of us, the scope’s necessarily limited.
That’s it, really. Is there anything I should be missing?

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