Thursday, August 01, 2013

Thoughts on "Friends," and Disliking Ross

I have probably watched every episode of Friends at least four times, and I really, really like this post about how Ross Geller is the worst. Unfortunately, when I first started watching -- and in my defense, I was a teenager then -- he was my favorite character, but he didn't stay that way long. Monica then became my favorite character, and I've continued to like her (and often identify with her neurotic behavior). My favorite character now is probably Phoebe, though for a while I liked Chandler best (and still like him very much, in the later seasons when he's a nice partner to Monica and less of a selfish jerk). Joey was too much of a selfish womanizer for me to really like him... until the last season or two, where he seems to be really sweet.

Of the supporting characters though, I really, really like Susan. The way she deliberately, carefully rubs Ross up the wrong way every time they meet is hilarious.

I envy the friendships: all three women have such great relationships with each other, Joey and Chandler are so loyal to each other (though more Joey than Chandler, who can closely imitate Ross in being whiny and self-entitled). It also seems to me that no one really likes Ross very much (except perhaps Rachel) but they tolerate him because of their shared history. One of the more egregious examples of Ross's self-absorbedness is when Monica tells him she hated him when they were kids because he was so mean to her, and he's all, "Really? I thought we were having fun!" (Typical bully, isn't he?)

So who's your favorite character, and your least favorite? Or have you never watched the series -- or liked it enough to watch more than a little bit?

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