Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Mid-Week Reads: Love and Aging in Hollywood

I loved these two articles about leading men of Hollywood and their usually much younger leading women. I was surprised at some of these -- partly because I don't watch many movies -- but also, I realized my perceptions of many male stars' ages were off by a decade or so. I had thought that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were roughly the same age, for instance.

Anyway. Read:
While on Hollywood, do you have any fun movies to recommend? My movie-watching has gone down even further, just because I'm so sick of bad movies. I did watch Kahani finally and wished I had watched it in a theatre -- it was pretty damn good. What new movies should I go to the theatre for?

Also, did you hear of Hilary Clinton's speech about women's rights being a security issue?
Speaking of the young woman raped and disemboweled on a bus in New Delhi, Clinton said, "If her life embodied the aspirations of a rising nation, her death and her murder, pointed to the many challenges still holding it back. The culture of rape is tied up with a broader set of problems: official corruption, illiteracy, inadequate education, laws and traditions, customs, culture, that prevent women from being seen as equal human beings." Clinton continued, "India will rise or fall with its women. It's had a tradition of strong women leaders, but those women leaders like women leaders around the world like those who become presidents or prime ministers or foreign ministers or heads of corporations cannot be seen as tokens that give everyone else in society the chance to say we've taken care of our women." 

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