Friday, July 29, 2011

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All of the last week, I had been feeling tired, almost ill. On Tuesday, I told my boss I wanted a day off: I didn't think I could make it to the weekend without rest: besides, on Saturday, we have a long FOC meeting to get through. So I decided I'd take Thursday off. But by Wednesday already I was feeling much worse. Thanks to my wonderfully understanding boss, I can work from home and did just that, working on whatever was urgent and pushing off the rest.

I spent much of Thursday goofing off: reading, playing games watching TV. When I got off the living room couch late in the afternoon, it was to go to bed and sleep. When I woke up after an hour or so, the Guy was home. I got up and showered and we walked out. It started raining just as we left and the lone autowallah was (of course!) asking for extra money and I was cranky. But finally the autowallah gave in and we got in and the rain stopped and things seemed better again.

And then we got this beauty to take home.

It's been so long since I got on a bike that I'd forgotten how it felt: but in spite of my back and butt aching I recognized this was the most comfortable bike I'd ever been on. And I was too tired too exclaim much yesterday, but I can't believe we own this beautiful thing!

Even better, now I get the car to myself! So this morning I could wait for our domestic help, Pooja (who shall be known as such on this blog henceforth, because I am too lazy to think of a pseudonym for her: besides, I'm advertising her services--she's totally awesome!) Anyway, I could say goodbye to the Guy in the morning then get ready at leisure and pack away the fresh roti Pooja made and the aloo-baingan (potatoes and eggplant) the Guy made to bring to office for lunch. It started raining just as I was ready to leave, but it lasted for barely ten minutes and by the time I drove out it had reduced to a drizzle.

And then the radio played one of my favorite Mohit Chauhan songs--but not the movie version, a version without accompaniments where all you hear is Chauhan's beautiful voice and seems much more intimate and special than the original. And in the few minutes it takes me to reach office, it had stopped raining altogether and the sun's rays were gentle and glowing.

And even though there was no power all last night from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., and even though I lay awake in bed for a couple of hours before dawn till the power came back on and I instantly drifted back to sleep, even though vivid dreams (with sub-plots! and music!) kept me ill-rested . . . as I drove into office this morning and the sun came out after the rain, life seemed just perfect.

And in other serendiptious happenings, it's Effe's birthday today and there was a birthday celebration in my office (not for her, of course). As had the rich gooey chocolate cake I could almost imagine this was her birthday cake. It's not nearly the same, of course, for being there when she turns 30. But she's visiting me soon, and we plan to spend four whole days together.

In another coincidence, she booked her flight the same day that I ordered a gift for her. Unfortunately the gift hasn't reached her yet!

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