Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What We Did on Diwali

I'm continuing with being lazy and not writing here, but momofrs has a lovely account of our meeting at G's last week. Do read, if only for the lovely things she says about me. I shall go around beaming beatifically at everyone today - too bad I'm working from home and there isn't anyone to beam beatifically at, except my plants. 


starry eyed said...

so now we know about your husky voice and graceful laugh :P Even I want to meet momofrs now and have these lovely things written about me :-D

Unmana said...

starry: Exactly - all momofrs's doing, putting such a nice interpretation on my laugh, which has only ever been called "loud" before. And I've always been sorry I didn't have a husky voice. Now I can claim I do, and I have a blog post to prove it!