Friday, October 01, 2010

Personal Update

I have been too busy lately to post anything other than the weekly chapters of The Voices in My Head. So I'm even more glad that I decided to post my story as a series: I'm glad it lets me post every weekend without having to think about what to write; I'm glad it prompts some of you to comment, because I like hearing from you. 

The Guy came back two weeks ago. Our relationship had already begun to show the wear and tear of long distance: but we have survived, and while he's going away again soon it won't be for more than a couple of weeks. In many ways, we have both learned and grown while staying apart from each other, and the last six months seem much longer than they actually were.

Also, I turned 29. And I had some existential angst before my birthday that disappeared because I had a great time that day and, even more important, I got the best birthday gifts ever. Seriously. The Guy got me an iPod Shuffle and a laptop, and my darling boss sent me a Kindle. Which last one of my friends proclaimed the best gift ever, and, any other year, she'd easily be right, but the Guy engraved "The Voices in My Head" on the iPod, and if that's not thoughtful, I don't know what is. (So now I have my own voices as well as strangers singing in my head.)

I also got two birthday cakes, one at midnight and one the next evening, and we had a nice little birthday dinner at home at which we opened a lovely bottle of whiskey (of which we still have some left, if any of you want to come over). And if the cakes and the birthday dinner and generally being made a fuss of wasn't enough for my dormant twelve-year-old self, I got a jigsaw puzzle that made me go wheeeeeeeee! and I'm almost looking forward to the Guy going away again so I can get at it in peace. 

Seriously, I suspect this time I wouldn't look forward to the Guy coming back again: apart from the couch and the cupboard and the bed and the bathroom, I now grudgingly share the Kindle and the iPod as well. 

(And those of you who have been reading Miki's story: remember, you got to pay up.


dipali said...

Share nicely, my dear!!!!!!!!
Lovely gifts- I guess having the guy back is the nicest gift of all:)

Chicu said...

End of the LDR? big, big hugs and congrats. share the gifts, its worth it!

Unmana said...

dipali: Well, as of now I'm still sulking at his frequent absences. :-)

chicu: Ummm, LDR? Oh! Oh! I got it! Yes, The End. For now - you never know what life brings.

Sheetal said...

Hey ... Wish you a very happy birthday ... Have a great year ahead!

You definitely had a great day .. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely birthday you had. Belated wishes. And cool gifts. I wouldn't want to share them either. :) Not much anyway.

Unmana said...

HER: Thank you. I did indeed.

Banno: Thanks - for the wishes, and for getting my selfishness. :)

Gayatri said...

- God Bless ya....Have a great year a'head':)
- Those gifts and cakes triggered the INVU in me ;b...sighhhh