Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update: Still Ill

The fever doesn't seem to quite go away. I feel much better - almost phenomenally so compared to when I was lying in bed flaming with a 102 F temperature. But I still cough when I talk, and my temperature still goes up a degree or two every evening. 

The Guy is much better, and my bosses have been kind, so I'm sitting at home and recovering and working the little I can until the weakness comes on. 

The Guy is here, for a spell. And I wish I could keep him at home a long, long time. I will hate him going away again, after having him all to myself for these days. 

But I have more than a week before he leaves, and I'm going to savour that. 


Anonymous said...

Oh dear!!
Get well soon.
And as an aside, if you feel that you are prone to frequent fever/cold/cough, it would be a good idea to get in touch with an Ayurvedic doctor. I've seen friends benefitting from it.
If interested, do let me know. I can mail you the details of a few Ayurvedic doctors here in Pune.

Once again, take care (and have fun. At least, till the Guy is around :) )
Cheers !!

Unmana said...

momofrs: That's an idea. I am very unlikely to take myself to the doctor when I'm not actually ill, but let's pretend we think better of me! My email address is unmanaswords at gmail.

And thanks for the wishes!