Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Effe and My Birthday

As I wrote here, Effe has a history of forgetting my birthday. It all started many years ago, when we were in college (the equivalent of 12th standard, or was it 11th?). Effe and I were barely friends then, at least not the kind of soul-baring friends we later became. So some days after my birthday was over, another friend was asking about my birthday party, and Effe excitedly asked when it was.

"Well, you're not invited anyway," I told her jokingly. "You didn't wish me."

"Oh, when was it?" she asked.

"See, you don't even know that. Why should I invite you?"

Effe pouted and protested I was being mean.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Effe. I'm so sorry you forgot my birthday."

In Effe's defence, she wasn't in town on my birthday that year, and she rarely remembers anyone's birthdays. But the last two years, she has been exceptionally good to me in that regard.

Last year, she called me soon after the Guy and I got home from a late breakfast.

"Wow, you remembered my birthday!" I squealed. "I can't believe it!"

She was a bit miffed that I was so surprised. We chatted for a while. But I had this earthshaking piece of news I had to tell her, the kind of news that you can only get hyper-excited about when you're telling it to your equally uncool teenage friend from a small town.

"I saw Rishi Kapoor today!" I cried.

"Really?" She was as excited as I could have hoped. "Where?"

"At the Taj. We had gone there for breakfast, and there he was..."

"Why did you go to the Taj for breakfast? Just like that or is there some occasion today?"

You're right, I'm never going to let her forget this. (But you know I love you, babes.)


Pallavi Sharma said...

That gaon-ki-gori-turned-sheher-ki-sunburned-hair-colored-chhori is like a kitten. She'll be blissfully unaware of your existence (Oh, the drama!) most of the time and yet when she's around, you feel like giving her a squishy hug, and pampering her silly.
And I want to wield magical powers and make her sing for me. But in the absence of said magical powers, I can only beg. Boo, Effe!

Sunita said...

ha ha ha :) ....Effe sounds just like me ...can never get myself around to wish anybody in time and I do have some really great friends like you who make me feel silly and stupid after every timely call.

dipali said...

Too much! Poor Effe:(

Unmana said...

simplypallu: She's weird, ain't she? But I love that I don't have to rein in my weirdness around her.

Sunita: In her defence, she expects little from others too. She wouldn't be in the least angry if I forgot her birthday, though I don't think I have, yet.

dipali: Well, she's a darling.

Pallavi Sharma said...

A darling, she is :)

Sarkywoman said...

lol, she sounds like a blast!! :)

Starry-eyed nut said...

sweet...effe sounds like someone i know :)