Monday, August 24, 2009

Back In Action

I am, that is.

Whaddya mean, you hadn't noticed I was gone?

No, I wasn't away holidaying. (Though if you didn't know, my life is one long vacation right now.) The laptop had conked out, after a long healthy life of nearly three years. But it didn't die: after a few days of near-death, the Guy brought it back to life. (I'm so glad I married a geek.)

So what have you all been doing?


Anonymous said...

I came by your blog a few times over thwe weekend to check for new posts :-)
Other than that I have been drinking a lot.

dipali said...

D'you really want to know? I fractured my left wrist on Wednesday!
I'm glad your laptop has recovered:)

Unmana said...

lostonthestreet: So glad I was missed! :-D New post coming up in a day.

Dipali: Ouch. Are you in pain? I hope the SRE is by to take care of you?

Nitu Saksena said...

Who says noone noticed.. I drop by here often..
BTW I travelled overseas for work. I thought it wud be fun but im already homesick :(

dipali said...

The pain is less now. The SRE was away when it happened- he arrived when I was emerging from the OT.
But we are managing OK, somehow:)

Unmana said...

Nits: Hey, don't be homesick: have fun! Go have adventures, make the most of your time!

Dipali: And you're still blogging? I'm in awe! I would have been lying on the sofa and whining!