Friday, January 25, 2008

How You Get Here

Some recent searches that brought visitors here:
  • inida six movies: See, the fact that I can watch so many movies in one weekend actually interests someone!
  • bum bum bole song in words: Sorry, you have to look elsewhere.
  • phone obituary: Your phone dead too? My condolences.
  • aamir khan picher: This one puzzled me. Why was anyone interested in Aamir Khan and my friend Oliver Picher (whom I have in my blogroll) at once? Then I realised they probably meant "picture"! Ummm, do let me know when you find a nice one, will you?
  • to see six movies: There, I said so! Is it some kind of record I created?
  • Words of Going Home: Is this a song? Or is someone trying to lift original compositions off the internet?
  • make my boss love me: I'm sorry, I haven't yet offered any advice on that. Will let you know as soon as I find out!
  • where i learnt my business ideas from my boss: I'm sorry, but what exactly is the question here?
  • i love my job and my boss she is the best leader: Lucky you!
  • happiness makes me feel insecure: Now, why do you think that is?


Site manager said...

My favorite.... i love my boss and she is the best leader...

Someone throwing out some positive thoughts and prayers out into the universe?? Funny!!

Masood said...

How were you able to find out all this??? How can I know the same about my blog? ;)

Masood said...

oh btw, this is so hilarious!!! LOL

Unmana said...

You get yourself a tracker.