Monday, December 28, 2015

Experiences I loved this year

This year was probably my best year ever. I recovered from depression, became happy again, and started things I had loved and lost in the last decade. So I've been taking music classes and a course in literature.

I also attended a ton of live performances of music and theatre: never before had I had the time, money, and most importantly, access. Here's what I loved most, in no particular order:
  • We heard Parikrama twice this year. The first time, at Hard Rock Cafe, was disappointing, and I had looked forward to it so much. But I suspected the sound quality had something to do with it, and wanted to try again. So we went to another gig later in the year at Blue Frog, which also had Shilpa Rao (and they sang one of my absolute favorite songs, 'I Believe' from the Dewarist collaboration (which now that I looked it up, I realize might be plagiarized! oh well)). 
  • Anyway, they also had Soulmate, who I quite liked, and then even more when I caught their performance at NH7 Weekender in Pune.
  • So, NH7 Weekender. It was amazing to hear AR Rahman live, and Mark Ronson. Both were great and I hadn't expected to ever have the experience. Other performances I really liked were Madboy/Mink (surprisingly, amazingly political), Swarathma, Gabriella and Rodrigo, and Lagori.
  • Also attended a Lucky Ali concert, and while I've always only been a half-hearted fan, I was surprised to find myself knowing most of the songs (most words of most songs), which is due to the Guy being an unabashed fan.
  • I am a fan of Indian Ocean, and was glad to be able to attend a concert this year, after first hearing them live a few years ago.
  • The Symphony Orchestra of India was also a wonderful experience.
  • We watched the play, A Walk in the Woods, performed by Naseeruddin Shah and Rajit Kapoor.
  • Of course, I saw A Twelfth Night - a performance that blended rock and physical comedy with the play.
  • But my favorite theatrical performance of the year was Deepti Naval as Amrita Pritam in 'Ek Mulaqat.
What fun things did you see/do in the last year?

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